Monday, May 30, 2005

Exbury Gardens back onto the Beaulieu river Posted by Hello

Colourful Acers

Colourful Acers
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The colours were so beautiful

Wisteria coated summerhouse

Wisteria coated summerhouse
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A few more pictures from yesterdays trip to Exbury gardens

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Donkettes and Foals

As we drove home from Exbury, we saw this cute little Donkey by the side of the road. Years ago a friend and I decided that baby Donkeys should be called Donkettes. I also took a photo of yet another foal.

yet another Foal! Posted by Hello

Mummy? Posted by Hello

What a cute little Donkey Posted by Hello

Lord Rothschild's garden

Today John and I spent a few hours walking around Exbury gardens.The gardens are famous for the collections of Rhododendrons,Azaeleas and Camellias. They are at their best at this time of year and again in the autumn. We were given free tickets today to go back in the autumn! I wish you could have joined us for the walk. The air was heavily perfumed and although the sun wasn't shining it was dry and warm. The gardens were busy because it is a holiday weekend here, but we were still able to escape and spend a few moments on our own.
Exbury allows dogs in if they are on a lead so Raffles and Missy were with us and they enjoyed all the attention they got from many of the other visitors.
It was a very enjoyable morning and we are looking forward to returning in October to see the autumn colours.

The ponds Posted by Hello

Exbury House home of Lord Rothschild Posted by Hello

Such beautiful colours Posted by Hello

Mary and dogs Posted by Hello

The summer house Posted by Hello

Looking out of the summer house Posted by Hello

John and the dogs Posted by Hello

Some of the Flowers at Exbury Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

More and More colour appearing in the garden Posted by Hello

Its a beautiful sunny Friday

It was a beautiful sunny day today and we went for a walk in a new place . The carpark at Holmsley is beside the old disused railwayand part of our walk was along the old track. Little foals were everywhere. We saw a buzzard high in the sky which was a lovely blue with just a few wispy clouds. It was good to feel we had the forest to ourselves before the bank holiday crowds start arriving tonight.

Ponies at Holmsley Posted by Hello

Cool down time Posted by Hello

Foal stays close to mum whilst the dogs go past Posted by Hello

The scenery at Holmsley Posted by Hello

Bob started his bank Holiday weekend early Posted by Hello

Rest time in the shade of the trees Posted by Hello

its too hot for play Posted by Hello

This foal is resting on such a hot day Posted by Hello

Its not just dogs that want to cool down Posted by Hello

An Interesting house in a beautiful location and its for sale! Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Muggy Afternoon

The weather has been very varied over the last few days.This morning we had spits and spots of rain but by the time we came to walk we had hazy sunshine and it was warm and muggy. We did a slightly different walk starting at Ashley Walk carpark. Having just frontlined the dogs we had to prevent them from swimming so we went up the hill and down along the other side. We ran into a few boggy places but on the whole it was a pleasant walk. The dogs found several bones that had been bleached clean by the sun. So biscuits had more appeal and we were able to leave the bones behind. There are a lot of foals in the forest now and as they get bigger they are beginning to show more independence and move a little way from the mothers, but they can soon run back if they are scared. Because the foals can be skittish we tend to put the dogs on lead whilst we pass them. By the time we got back to the carpark we were feeling very warm and glad to drive home for a cuppa!

Some dead trees on the skyline Posted by Hello