Thursday, June 30, 2005

Busy watching Wimbledon

I have been trying to keep up with the Tennis this week and although the dogs have had their walks I have not taken the Camera. Today it drizzled most of the day and it is cooler tonight.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Missy Starts Agility Classes

Today the weather is a more comfortable 70, but very overcast. We went to Sway this morning so that Missy could start a little gentle agility. It is a fun class and not competitive. Missy and John really enjoyed it and came home tired. They both slept through the tennis!!. Later we went for a walk at Ashley Walk, The recent rain has caused the bracken to spring up,and there is a little water in the stream.

through the tunnel Posted by Hello

Down stay Posted by Hello

Missy and John jumping Posted by Hello

Ponies at Ashley Walk Posted by Hello

Missy in the Heather Posted by Hello

Raffles in the bracken Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Highland Water.

Yesterday we walked from Highland Water. This used to be a favourite walk in the hot weather as we could walk in the shade and we would always find water deep enough for the dogs to swim in. Sadly the forestry commission have decided to work on this part of the forest and they are altering the stream bed. The water is muddy and there are few places deep enough for swimming. Last night we heard a thunderstorm in the distance but we didn't get any rain. Now it is thundering again and Raffles is barking back. Missy does not know why Raffle is making such a fuss and It has just started to rain. The garden needs it so i hope it keeps up for an hour or so....freshens the air and drys up before I walk the dogs this afternoon

The Entrance to Highland water Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The heatwave continues.

It has remained hot and sunny. Daily temperatures are in the 80's Unfortunately the nights are hot and sticky.
So far rain hasn't interrupted play at Wimbledon , although they did have a heavy shower on Monday morning before play started.
The dogs mostly want to play in the water as it is too hot for walking very far.Large groups of ponies are also congregating near the water to drink and cool off.
The sun has really brought the flowers on in the garden and all the baskets and tubs are now looking very colourful.

Ponies at Andrews mare. Posted by Hello

Missy and Raffles cooling off at Andrews Mare after working hard at school Posted by Hello

Water lillies Posted by Hello

petunias by front door Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sizzling Sunday

Its been a very hot Sunday! After a very warm night when the temperature didn't drop below 63degrees, It has been a very warm day. The forest has been fairly quiet as most people have headed for the coast. We would rather stay at home than sit in a traffic jam! We had a phone call this morning inviting us to a BBQ. So we met Bob and Gill for a walk at Slufters Pond with the dogs before going back with them to eat. As you can see the pond was very popular with groups of ponies arriving to cool off.It is still very warm and now I am going to sit in the garden and watch Bertie bat flying as I drink my cup of tea and watch John watering the garden.

Where are these ponies headed? Posted by Hello

Ponies arriving at the pond Posted by Hello

The ponies cool off Posted by Hello

Missy and Dora Posted by Hello

Ponies at Slufters Pond Posted by Hello

The BBQ Posted by Hello

John wearing the dogs out at Bob and Gills Posted by Hello

Dinner is cooking Posted by Hello

Yum Yum Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Scorching Saturday

We had an enjoyable morning walk at Busketts, as we got back to the car Teresa and Barney arrived so we walked back to the river and Missy and Barney had a good play together.Missy is the most confident in the water although Barney did eventually swim once he figured out how to get in. Raffles just stayed in his depth and kept his feet firmly on the ground.
We spent the afternoon pottering in the garden and waiting for the ice cream man to come. After ice creams we went up into the forest to Slufters pond so the dogs could have another swim. At 6pm there was a warm breeze and it was a very pleasant walk.

Barney joins Missy and Raffles on their morning walk. Posted by Hello

The dogs got to the pond before us Posted by Hello

Silly Raffles Posted by Hello

A thoughtful Raffles Posted by Hello

Missy after her swim Posted by Hello