Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Very Happy 2006 to you all!

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Another year has gone.

New Years Eve 2005.......Another year is over and so today I have posted a picture from each month of 2005. We have enjoyed a year of walking in the forest. The highlight of this year was Mattie's visit when we spent three weeks of whirlwind sightseeing, taking in London and York as well as more local venues. We have found several new places to walk this year and have also had some good pub lunches. Missy has been to Agility classes and got her Gold Good Citizenship award. Sadly Dora hurt her paw at the end of December so we haven't walked with her for a couple of weeks hopefuly she and Missy will soon be racing round the forest again.

Cloudy skies at Canadian on Christmas day Posted by Picasa

November Winter sun at Canadian Cross Posted by Picasa

A stag at Fritham in October Posted by Picasa

Mattie Visits London in September Posted by Picasa

Deadmans hill in August Posted by Picasa

Enjoying the sunshine in July. Posted by Picasa

Ponies cooling off at Slufters pond in June. Posted by Picasa

Baby goslings at cadmans pool in May Posted by Picasa

February at Busketts with Barney and Oscar. Posted by Picasa

On a walk with a pub lunch at the end in April Posted by Picasa

March we see the first foal at Ashley Walk Posted by Picasa

January at Fritham Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A very cold frosty day.

Today we woke up to a white world.but alas it was frost not snow! It has stayed cold all day and the frost was still very evident as we walked this afternoon. This morning we walked at Busketts. Missy had to stay on the lead as she had a small operation to remove some more troublesome eyelashes yesterday.
This afternoon we went to Pigbush, the ground was well frozen and the edges of the stream were iced over. As long as we kept walking we managed to stay reasonably warm but out fingers were tingling as we got back to the car.

Post op Missy Posted by Picasa

A pony finds shelter and food in the holly bushes Posted by Picasa

The Bridge Posted by Picasa

The frost stayed all day. Posted by Picasa

Ponies at Pigbush Posted by Picasa

Winter Sky Posted by Picasa

At Pigbush wintry sun. Posted by Picasa

The little bridge at Pigbush Posted by Picasa

Reflections in a frozen stream Posted by Picasa

John with Raffles and Missy Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A heavy frost but no snow.

It started very sunny but cold with a thick frost. The East of Britain has snow but we just have frost and a cold wind. We walked at Fritham and it was bitterly cold as we walked along the ridge but once we were in the valley we were sheltered from the wind and able to enjoy the sun. The sky soon clouded over and the sun went in and we were left again with the cold wind. However we were dressed warmly and apart from tingly ears and fingers we were warm although glad to get in the car out of the wind. The dogs just had fun.

Fritham Posted by Picasa

Starting our walk at Fritham Posted by Picasa