Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hawk Conservancy Trust

On Tuesday karen and I visited the Hawk Conservancy Trust at Weyhill Andover.This is a really wonderful day out. It only costs £10 for the day and it is real value for money. The day starts in the Hides overlooking the meadow which was covered in cowslips. A little food is put out to attract the wild herons, Redkites and Kestrels. You then have a chance to listen to a talk about the Vultures before seeing the first of three flying demonstrations. After a quick lunch it is time for the second and most spectacular demonstration. Vultures fly inches over your head. American Black Kites put on a wonderul areial ballet display and the final event is watching two American Bald headed Eagles appear in the distance as little specks in the sky, gradually coming closer until they finally land. Often the birds are joined by the native, curious red Kites and Buzzards It is not long before the woodland demonstration begins and here you get to see the Owls flying. If you are not shattered you can go back to the Hides and watch the final feed of the herons in the meadow.
If you are impressed and want to go more often it is only £40 for a years membership. We joined and will be making many more visits!

Hawk Conservancy Trust

Cheyenne Coming into land (Baldheaded Eagle)

Griffen Vulture
Tawny Eagle
Baldheaded Eagle
Vulture in Flight
Red Kite
Barn Owl

Saturday, April 18, 2009

North Meadow Cricklade

North Meadow is an old hay meadow which is now a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is famous for having the largest UK population of rare Snakes Head Fritillaries which flower in the Spring and attract a large number of visitors. They are usually at their best during the second and third week of April. The meadow has been managed by the residents of Cricklade for hundreds of years through the Court Leet which still exists and has an active role in the management of the meadow today. The meadow is now owned by Natural England
Fritillaries at North meadow.

CuckooPlant also known as ladies smock
Marsh marigolds also known as King cups.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Raffles

When I took this photo on the 11th I was not to know it would be the final photo of my sweet boy. Raffles crossed the bridge today. I will miss him so much

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Foal

Well I knew it would not be long before I saw another foal. This is another little girl and she is near the car park where I often walk the dogs. I hope to watch her grow up.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 03, 2009

The First Foal Arrives

This is my favourite time of year. For the last week or so I have been keeping my eyes open hoping to see a foal. Sadly we didn't find any on Tuesday when we had friends visiting, but today I found this little girl basking in the sunshine. In the next few months many more will join her and we will see them most days. I will be taking many more photos of foals as summer progresses.