Saturday, July 30, 2005

A few pictures from Missy's agility class.

Just a few pictures of the dogs at Agility class today relaxing in between working.

Kallie sleeps through it all Posted by Picasa

Missy whispers secrets. Posted by Picasa

Pinto Posted by Picasa

Arthur Posted by Picasa

Dogs travel in style Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Raffles is 7 Today

Raffles is 7 Today
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Today is Raffles 7th Birthday

Sunday, July 24, 2005


We had some heavy rain overnight and this morning. Th dogs and John got very wet on their morning walk. By lunch time the rain had cleared away and we went to Ashley Walk as it was cool enough not to need water for the dogs or shade for the humans.The stream was still almost dry apart from a few pools here and there but there were several big puddles in the heather for the dogs to play in. The bracken has grown higher than the dogs now and the path is difficult to see in places.

The Bracken has grown up and at times the path is hard to find. Posted by Picasa

Missy and Raffles in the Heather Posted by Picasa

Missy in a puddle Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Walking at PigBush

Today is overcast and rather humid. This morning Missy went to her agility class and enjoyed having fun with her friends. This afternoon we decided to walk from the carpark called Pigbush.
After leaving the carpark we walked through the heather and down towards the causeway across the swamp. The grasses in the swamp were lush and green compared with the dusty tired grass of the forests rides. Once the causeway has been crossed the paths are very sandy.Soon we joined a wide green ride but today it looked more yellow as the grass is dying from lack of water.
The trees have lost the fresh green of spring. They look tired and dusty and the leaves are drooping. Rain is forecast for tonight and maybe it will freshen them up. Finally we came to the bridge and there was a little bit of water for the dogs to play in and cool down before the ride home.

Grasses growing in the swampy area Posted by Picasa

The Causeway Posted by Picasa

The sandy path the otherside of the causeway Posted by Picasa

Raffles is heading towards the water Posted by Picasa

The bridge at Pigbush Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

Netley Marsh Steam Rally

Today is the first day of The Netley Marsh Steam Rally. This is an anuual event that takes place just up the road from us. For a couple of days now we have heard the steam engines arriving. Today as I have sat in the gardenI have heard the music and the whistles of the Steam engines and now we can see and hear the fireworks. Besides the Steam Engines there are also a variety of other displays and craft tents. Tonight as we drove back from an evening walk in the forest they were inflating a giant hot air balloon
The weather forecast predicts rain later this weekend. The schools break up this weekend and the busiest weeks for tourism in the forest start. The ground is so dry we hope they will take care not to start any forest fires.

A fun Steam Engine Posted by Picasa

Steam Engine Posted by Picasa

Steam Engine Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Remembering Tuvaq

This morning Mattie (Our Friend in Vancouver )told us that Tuvaq the little baby Beluga whale had died just a few days short of his third birthday.The aquarium staff do not know why as he had recently had blood samples taken and was apparently healthy.
When we were in Vancouver in August 2003, Mattie arranged for us to have a special visit with the belugas. As you can see we got very wet but it was a wonderful experience. Tuvaq was the little grey whale and he was just over a year when these photos were taken.

A beluga Wave! Posted by Picasa

Visiting The Belugas at Vancouver Aquarium. Tuvaq is the little grey baby Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

Another Hot day. After a short walk with both dogs in the forest we took Missy to her Agility Class. Fortunately it was shady and the dogs were able to lie in the cool inbetween working on the apparatus. Missy is really enjoying these classes and I think John is too.
Later in the afternoon we went to Canadian Cross for a walk. The stream has nearly dried up, there are just a few pools left where the ponies can drink and the dogs cool down. The pond here has very nearly dried up and is just a rather smelly muddy puddle so we avoided it today. Yesterday we were at Slufters pond and it was only just deep enough for Missy to swim in. Missy had to be dragged away from the pond when it was time to go home . She really is a water baby and would swim for hours if we let her.

Whats This? Posted by Picasa

Aha Its a Missy emerging from the blind tunnel! Posted by Picasa

Walking by the side of the stream at Canadian Posted by Picasa

A pony finds a pool to drink from as the rivers dry up Posted by Picasa

Ponies grazing at Canadian Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Missy enjoys the evening sunlight in comfort Posted by Picasa

Missy and Raffles wait for Barney to arrive Posted by Picasa