Monday, January 28, 2008

An Afternoons Bird Watching at Blashford.

We had a good afternoons birdwatching at the lakes.. There were flocks of Siskins,great tits bluetits, greenfinches, chaffinches A goldfinch Nuthatch greater spotted woodpecker, Tufted tucks Mute swans Cormorants, Two firsts for me were the bittern which I eventually spotted in the reeds and a brambling

Greater spotted Woodpecker



Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweet and Innocent?

This afternoon we dropped by Hatchetts pond and there were a group of Donkeys around the car park. This one was the smallest and he looked very cute. he was a little devil. he chased me round the car park and bit my jacket. Later he was being petted by some tourists when he suddenly decided to attack again. Meanwhile Karen was standing behind the car having a fit of giggles at his antics.
Be warned Donkeys may not be as sweet and innocent as they look!

Sunny Sunday

Our Morning walk was along Dockens Water starting from South bentley. it was warm and sunny. I was pleased with the shot of the horses going over the little bridge.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Sun is shining on Mogshade Hill

We walked at Mogshade today. Blue sky, Sun, wind, can this be England in January?
The Forest is still very muddy underfoot, but it is a definite improvement since we were here last week.
The Ponies must be glad of some warm sun to dry them out.
Blue sky on Mogshade Hill

Raffles you are so Handsome

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Sunny Day

After a rather dreary start the sun came out. We took the dogs for a long walk at shatterford and gradually the grey skies began to clear. Missy is nearing the end of her season ansd it was so deserted she was allowed off lead to go for a swim. After so many dreary days , it seemed a shame to waste a sunny afternoon so we slipped down to the Lower Test Nature Reserve. Saw quite a few birds, including a distant little egret, some cormorants , shelduck, green sandpiper and snipe. it is easy to miss the snipe as they blend so well into the background.
Silver birches at Shatterford
The swamp Monsters

Common Shelduck

greensandpiper and snipe

green sandpiper

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Walk at Ober Water

Finally the sun came out. We had a beautiful morning and we made the most of it. We wanted to get some photos of bridges for local phtography group challenge. The walk that starts at Puttles bridge and follows the Ober Water is a beautiful walk at this time of year and there are several little bridges. Missy is in season and it would have been very difficult to control her on the lead beside so much water so we decided to take Ashley instead. Ashley lives with Taivas and she was thrilled to come out with us. She had a wonderful time playing in the stream and after a two hour walk she curled up and went to sleep on the way home. I had to go straight back out again with Missy and Raffles in a less populated part of the forest and they knew another dog had been in the car!
This afternoon it clouded over again but we had a wonderful morning.
Ashley was one happy dog this morning because she was the one who came on the walk!

One of the bridges over Ober water

Ober water is one of the prettiest streams in the forest.

And the Sumn was Shining!

Another little footbridge

Ashley finds a stick

More views of the stream

and a final Bridge

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Trip to keyhaven

Keyhaven is a little seaside village on the Solent, about 40 minutes drive from home. Although it was grey , with a little drizzle in the air we decided to go and check out a couple of Wildlife Trust Reserves. First we went to the Lymington Reedbeds but we were not impressed it looked more like a building site tip. So we got back in the car and went off towards Keyhaven. I am not sure we found the Wildlife Trust Reserve , but we managed to walk along the Solent way towards the coast. On the way we saw plenty of wild life. Oystercatchers, Turnstones, BrentGeese,Mute swans. We also got to seethe sea.
Juvenile Swan


Mute swans


A Flotilla of swans


Brent geese Flying and Oyster catchers

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine anymore!

Well at least it isn't raining today, just a little drizzle ,but very dark and gloomy.
We took the dogs for a good walk,although Missy is protesting at being on the lead....only another week and then you can run free again Missy.

Mogshade pond is very full and three white ponies were drinking from it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Break in the Rain

Just before lunch the rain stopped and for a few moments the sun came out. We decided to go to Blashford, but by the time we got there the sun had gone. The roads were awash with water. Although it was a little dark for photos we stayed for a couple of hours and saw the woodpecker and some siskins.( Lots of great tits, bluetits and finches around the feeders) We walked up to the North Hide but the Bittern that has been seen the last few days did not put in an appearance. At least the rain stayed away until we were driving home again.


Greater Spotted Woodpecker


This is Dockens water, normally a quiet little stream

Squirrel proofed bird feeder?

This is the Ford near Blashford, normally a little trickle but over 2ft deep today

Just as well we didn't want to go that way. About a month ago a car was swept away here.