Thursday, May 31, 2007

Testwood Lakes

Testwood lakes were built by Southern water to ensure an adequate supply of water for Southampton and the surrounding area. Work began in 1992 Work was completed in 2002 and the public have access to the lakes. It seems to be a popular place t walk the dog and several were having a swim whilst we were there.

Ox eye daisies

This afternoon we stopped by Testwood lakes to see if we could find any Goslings. We found a few ducks and a solitary duckling , but no geese or goslings.
What we did find were masses of Oxeye daisies blowing in the wind.

Three dogs on a log

It doesn't feel very summery at the moment. However we managed to avoid getting wet on our walk this morning, there were a few spits and spots but no where near as bad as the weather forecast had suggested. We started our walk at Cadman's pond, there are still no sign of any goslings and I am beginning to think their won't be any this year. Down by Docken's water we found an old tree stump for the dogs to pose on.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sun at Kings hat

At eight o Clock this morning the sun was shining, and the wind had dropped so we had a very pleasant walk at Kings Hat.
This little stream is usually just a small trickle in summer and you can step across it waring trainers, without getting your feet wet. The rain over the weekend has been so heavy and constant. today it was almost over our boots.
The Beaulieu river was topped right up and we could see that it had burst its banks over the weekend, but was now receding. At least we shouldn't have hosepipe bans this summer.

Monday, May 28, 2007

It Rained a Lot.

It finally stopped raining this afternoon. Apparently we have had as much rain in the last two days as is normal for the whole month of May. There is certainly plety of water about . We walked a tSlufters pond this afternoon and these pictures show how flooded the footpaths were.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Its a Bank Holiday weekend and the Weather is good for Ducks

This weekend is the Whitsun Bank Holiday, which means Monday is a public holiday. It is also the start of the half term holiday for the school children. On Friday the Forest was busy as tourists came for the holiday. Friday was a beautiful Sunny day. Today it has rained all day and the forecast is for more rain tomorrow.
Well the tourists and campers may not be too happy but the ducks aren't complaining.

St Michael and All Angels Lyndhurst

St Michael and All Angels is the Parish church of Lyndhurst.It was commissioned by Mr and Mrs Hargreaves and was built between 1858-70. it was designed by William White
Mrs Hargreaves was Alice Liddell the inspiration for Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, she spent most of her adult life in and around Lyndhurst.
The present Church is the third on the site, which is a prehistoric man made mound.
The Church is richly decorated in the Victorian style and reflects the popularity of Lyndhurst at this time. The Pre-Raphaelitess are well represented with windows by Burne Jones, Rossetti and William Morris
Life size wooden carvings of angels support the roof timbers

Detail from the stone pulpit.

The East Window was designed by Burne Jones

This is the Leighton Fresco in St Michael and All Angels, the parish church of Lyndhurst. It was painted by Frederick Leighton in 1862. It is entitled The Wise and Foolish Virgins and the models were Lyndhurst girls who were a little hesitant as they did not wish to be known as the foolish virgins. it is about 24 feet long and 8ft high and occupies the whole of the wall beneath the east window.

Hatchetts Pond and Moor

Some more photos from our Visit to Hatchetts Pond. This little foal entertained us with his impressions of a race horse.
A common gull finds a lookout point and behind him you can just see an oystercatcher if you look hard

These pretty pink waterlilies were on Hatchett Pond

This pony had croseed to a small island and was feasting on the lush green weeds.

Waterlilies on one of the ponds at Hatchetts Moor So many of them flowering and both pink and white.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Its Iains Birthday............go say Boo to the Goose!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Lyndhurst and Chocolate temptation!

This afternoon Karen and I went into Lyndhurst. We started at the New Forest Museum where a local photographer was having an exhibition of photos, mainly taken during the Autumn drifts. This is when they round up the ponies, mark them and check their health. One or two of the photos were excellent but in general we were a little disappointed as some seem to have been over enlarged and the quality of the photos in the expensive book (which we did not buy) did not seem to be very good. This seemed partly to be the result of poor printing.
Having wandered round the exhibition, we then walked up to the Church of St Michael and all Angels. In the Churchyard we found the grave of Mrs Reginald Hargreaves formerly Alice Liddell, who was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. (see photo) After walking around the church we went back down the hill to the Chocolate shop, after a cup of hot chocolate and some wicked chocolate confectionery we were ready for a drive to Hatchetts Pond and then a quick stop in Beaulieu before coming home. We found plenty of photo opportunities and I will share some more later as the forecast is for some heavy rain at the weekend.
Black headed Gulls

Oyster catcher at Hatchett pond

Black headed Gulls

Little Egret on the Beaulieu River at Beaulieu. We spotted him on the river, but he was a fair way off and I was surprised these photos came out so well

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Sun Shone again

When we left home this morning it was very misty. As we drove down to Fritham carpark we met a group of Shetland Ponies in the road and they had a couple of foals with them. Shetlands are so small and the foals are so cute.
We decided to go down to Dockens Water and see if the Iris's were blooming and we were lucky to see several clumps. On the way to the stream we passed some beautiful spiders webs. At this stage it was still very misty and I wasn't sure if they would show up in the photos. By the time we reached the stream the mist was burning off and it was a very warm morning. We saw some deer in the distance as we strolled back up the hill towards the car park.
As it was still early we decided to have a detour to Cadman's pond on the way home. When we arrived we were the only car there and all the ducks and geese were disappointed because we hadn't brought them any food. However another car soon came with some people willing to feed them and we took lots of photos. The little ducks are almost fully grown and now look like the adult females. As yet there are still no goslings and I am wondering if there will be any this year.

There are a few Shetland Ponies roaming the Forest around Fritham and as we drove down to the carpark today we met a little groupwith some foals. I had to pull in and take a few photos.
Spiders Web
Yellow iris
Looking back at Fritham

Busy down at the Pond

I wonder what they are all looking at.
A group of ducklings
Big Scarey goose.
Mr Drake
The Ducklings are nearly full grown

Adult Canada geese No sign of goslings

Chaffinches at the Pond