Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A tour of Wiltshire

Today started very sunny and after a walk in the forest we made our way towards Stonehenge. We went through several pretty Villages and made several stops for Mattie to take photos. He loves our old buildings. Vancouver is relatively new and anything 100 years old is really old!It was really hot by the time we got to Stonehenge and after walking around the stones we had an icecream before getting back into the car. Our next stop was supposed to be Avebury but we got slightly lost so stopped to see the White Horse at Westbury. Eventually we made it to Avebury in time for lunch.The sun had gone behind the clouds by now and it was pleasantly warm. We had only driven through Avebury a couple of times before, (when we went to collect Missy as an 8 week old pup) so we were surprised to discover a very pretty village hidden from the main road. Our final stop of the day was the City of Salisbury and a visit to the Cathedral. As we left the Cathedral we heard thunder and just made it back to the car before the heavens opened.
It has been a long day and now it is time for bed.

Village green Downton Posted by Picasa

Downton Posted by Picasa

Stonehenge Posted by Picasa

White Horse at Westbury Posted by Picasa

Potterne Posted by Picasa

The old school house Avebury Posted by Picasa

Avebury Posted by Picasa

Salisbury cathedral Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A long day!

After walking the dogs in the Forest we set off to Heathrow Airport to meet Mattie. his flight from Vancouver was slightly early. Unfortunately we were over two hours late. A Lorry caught fire on the motorway and we were stuck for over two hours. The motor way was closed and the traffic was gridlocked so we stopped for a meal and then had a quick look at Windsor castle before getting home and walking the dogs in the forest.
Gill very kindly called in and played with the dogs in the afternoon so they were not to upset at the long delay.......however Mattie got a wonderful welcome from them

Matties first visit to an English Pub Posted by Picasa

Windsor Posted by Picasa

Windsor Posted by Picasa

Windsor Posted by Picasa

Swans on the river at Windsor Posted by Picasa

Mattie in the Forest Posted by Picasa

Evening sky in the Forest Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bank Holiday Monday

It is a beautiful sunny day and our first walk is at Busketts with Jean and Daisy. They are playing cricket on Bartley Cricket pitch. There are only a few matches here every year. This one was well supported and we stopped to watch for a while.
Back home we finished preparing for Matties arrival tomorrow.
In the afternoon we met Bob Gill and Dora at Slufters Pond. Missy had a wonderful swim at the beginning and the end of the walk.

Cricket at Bartley Cricket Pitch Posted by Picasa

Pretty foal at Slufters Posted by Picasa

Resting at Slufters pond Posted by Picasa

Missy in Slufters pond Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bank Holiday Sunday

The forest is very busy. People are crowded round the car parks. At the start of our walk they were flying a Kite in the clear blue sky. No one was down at the pond today and the recent rain has raised the level enough for Missy to swim again. The last two times we have been to the pond there have been picnicers and the dogs havent been able to swim but today Missy had a wonderful time whilst John skimmed stones and Raffles begged for biscuits. As an added bonus we met Bob and Gill and so Dora and Missy were able to play together. Raffles tried Gill's hat for size!

A kite flies in the clear blue sky Posted by Picasa

Yes we are going to the pond Posted by Picasa

Can you do this with your tongue? Posted by Picasa

After the recent heavy rain Missy can swim again Posted by Picasa

The things they make me do for a biscuit. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

Start of the Bank Holiday Weekend

The weather doesn't look too promising! Big dark clouds followed us round our walk at Deadmans Hill. However apart from a few minutes rain we stayed dry. A pleasant change from the last two days when it has been rather wet.On the way back from the forest I could see that the traffic was moving very slowly along the motorway as people were starting theirs holiday early.

Big Black Clouds Hover overhead Posted by Picasa