Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Morning walk at Kings Hat.

As I left home this morning there was a little nip in the air,but by the time we arrived at Kings hat the sun was beginning to warm the air. We decided to walk the other way from the car park in the hope we would find the other bridge. We found it very easily and the dogs had a quick dip before we continued on our way.This is a very pleasant walk as the track winds through the heather and up and down the slopes. Every so often the smell of the heather reaches you on the breeze. It smells a little of honey. Groups of ponies were grazing here and there. Although we could see the raod in the distance it was so quiet and peaceful. We should have brought Breakfast with us as in the shelter of the gentle slopes it was warm enough to sit. There are several little valleys here and this is very deceiving, it was hard to decide which path we had walked, on our last visit.The gentle curves of the tracks are misleading and it is not difficult to lose ones way in the forest.
Missy and Taivas love running through the heather chasing each other , or rolling just for fun. They find it very hard to sit still to pose for pictures and at times we have to be careful they don't knock us over as they race around.
Very soon we are back at the beaulieu river and the dogs have a play in the water....Missy wants to swim and chase sticks whils Taivas prefers to paddle and splash in the water. A couple of hours have soon passed by in these wonderful surroundings We are so lucky to have a whole Forest to walk in.

The first bridge over the Beaulieu River (This is the one we couldn't find last time we walked here.) Posted by Picasa

Here comes Taivas Posted by Picasa

Taivas Posted by Picasa

The track we walked on. Posted by Picasa

Missy leads the way. Posted by Picasa

Taivas comes running back Posted by Picasa

A memorial marking the spot where someone fell and died whilst out hunting. Posted by Picasa

tranquil scene Posted by Picasa

The track back down to the bridge near the carpark. Posted by Picasa

Hurry up I want to play. Posted by Picasa

Which way now? Posted by Picasa

Taivas has a quick sunbathe in the early morning sun. Posted by Picasa

Hey Taivas the rivers this way! Posted by Picasa

The Bridge by the car park at Kings hat. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A summers evening at the Lake

A summers evening at the Lake
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A final picture taken at Andrews Mare, although it was taken into the sun I like the way it turned out.

Evening walk at Andrews Mare

We finished the day with a walk in the evening sun at Andrew's Mare

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A summers evening at the Lake

A summers evening at the Lake
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A final picture from Andrews mare. I took this into the sun but I like the way it turned out.

Hinton Ampner

Hinton Ampner House and garden are at Cheriton in Hampshire, about 30 minutes drive from home. We decided to visit this afternoon.It is now owned by the National trust and open to the public. The House was badly damaged by a fire in1960 so has been extensively restored by the last owner Ralph Dutton who was the 8th Lord Sherborne. he had no heirs so his line did not continue and he left the house to the NT in his will. A few rooms in the house are open and contain a lot of furniture and art that he collected but the real interest is the grounds and gardens. The gardens are a mix of formaland informal . There are little gardens scattered around the house and linked by terraces.

Hinton Ampner House and gardens.

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Dahlias at Hinton Ampner

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Water Lilies at Hinton Ampner

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