Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here is Missy having a good shake

A Little More Bird Watching

It is still sunny! This morning the dogs had a good walk at Pigbush. Missy has finished her season so enjoyed her freedom for the first time in three weeks.
This afternoon I went back to Denny Woods for an hour or so. The woodpecker was feeling a little bolder and came down onto the gate to eat the seeds.
The lovely Nuthatch
Pensive Robin
Woodpecker on the gate

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hellebores in Jean's garden

Today I had tea with Jean and I took some photos of her hellebores I do like these pretty flowers but they are difficult to photograph as they always hang their heads down! But with the help of a stick we managed to show what beautiful Flowers they are

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The sun was still shining so we decided to take a trip to Birdworld. It was a reasonable day out but we would not go back. On the website it looks wonderful but many of the attractions were over rated. It was more expensive than our recent trip to Marwell Zoo and it only took us an hour or so to see everything. The food in the Cafe was reasonable and helped to while away the time. Under water world consisted of about a dozen very grubby tanks and took about 5 minutes to walk through.The childrens Farm did not have very much and the sea shore walk was a small pond with a boat by the side of it. Their were some pretty birds and a 20 minute talk in the heron theatre where a few birds did a few tricks.
The biggest attraction for us was the solony of wild herons that nest their and were frequently seen flying over head or landing by the ponds.


Frogs in the Murky aquarium.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Sun is here.

After a sunny but windy weekend, it was good to wake up to more sunshine. We decided to go for a drive in the Forest. Our First stop was at Denny Woods to feed the birds. This proved a little difficult as first a hungry pony came along and scoffed the seed and then a group of grey squirrels ate the nuts. Woody put in a brief appearance before we moved down to Eyeworth pond. The Mandarin ducks are very puffed up and we also saw some mallards . A pair of canada geese have also decided to hang around so maybe we will see goslings and ducklings in a few weeks. We then had a quick drive theorugh the Forest looking for foals but so far we haven't seen one. On our way home we spotted the biggest pig I have ever seen snoozing by the road.
Pony eating the bird food

Squirrel eating the bird food.

A Mandarin admires his reflection.

A mallard duck flies over the pond at Eyeworth

As we drove home we came across this enormous pig sitting by the side of the road.

Friday, March 06, 2009

On Frozen Pond

We took a quick trip to Eyeworth Pond today. the ducks looked a little bemused as they skated across the ice.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Looking for the Woodpecker

We went back to Denny Woods again today and waited for the Woodpecker. He made several appearances but kept trying to hide behind the trees. It was a bit like the sun that kept disappearing behind the clouds! Just before we left we stopped at the gate lower down where somebody had hung up some fat balls in little nets, and finally we got some clear views of him.
Whilst we were waiting for him we were entertained by the antics of the grey squirrels, who were after the bird food.
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Cheeky Squirrel stealing the bird food
Woodpecker on a fat ball left in the forest. I do wish people would not use these nets as I have heard that the birds can get caught in them.