Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some more Favs from My Flickr friends.

Some more Favs from My Flickr friends.
Originally uploaded by Missy2004.

These are some of the photos from my Flickr friends.

Even Teddy Bears can dream big!

Even Teddy Bears can dream big!, originally uploaded by Missy2004.

Here is another Challenge Entry Teddy gets some new transport.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Last Saturday In January

Already January is nearly over, and this last week we have had some winter weather with the temperatures dropping and some frost and ice about. Today we had blue skies and winter sunshine. This morning we walked at Busketts after delivering a Birthday Present to Jean (and tonight we are celebrating at our favourite Italian restaurant) We met up with a few doggy friends , including little Magic the Labrador puppy. This afternoon we walked at Ocknell Lots of big puddles and plenty of water in the pond.
At the end of January the nights are already getting lighter and soon Spring promises to be here.
The snowdrops in the garden are in full bloom now.

Dogs on our morning walk.
Firstly Daisy Barney and little Magic now 17 weeks old.
Then Spud and Toffee the springer spaniels and Finally Missy and Raffles wait for John to toss the ball!
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At the beginning of our afternoon walk we had patches of blue sky , but it had clouded over by the time we returned to the car.
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Ponies at Ocknell. They have their long shaggy winter coats..and this last week it has been cold and frosty!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A winters morning at Shatterford.

There was quite a frost last night and when we started our walk ,it looked very cold and wintry, with icy puddles and grey skies. it wasn't long before the sun came out and with very little wind we were soon feeling pleasantly warm. The ground was very hard beneath our feet and the ice on the puddles held the weight of Miss Taivas, but splintered with the weight of the flatcoats! At one point we had a very brief snow shower bt it was just a few minutes and was soon gone and sunny again. We also passed a lot of bones from some long dead animal, all the dogs had a good sniff but even they did not find them that interesting.
A very wintry start to our walk. Posted by Picasa
Icy puddles

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The reflections in the water were so clear. It was such a beautiful Winters day.In places a layer of ice still remained but it would soon melt in the sunshine.
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The remains of a cow or horse? We came across these sun bleached bones  Posted by Picasa

Some more pics of the dogs......look closely and you can see a few snowflakes on their coats, we had a very brief snow shower, but alas not enough snow for even a snowball!
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Taivas Missy and Raffles pose. Posted by Picasa
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

It might be Windy , but the sun is shining

The strong winds and rain came back last night, but the rain had stopped by morning and the winds had dropped a bit. The sun was shining when we went for our walk, and it is still very mild for this time of year. However we are told it is going to get colder next week!

You can see how muddy the footpaths are. It was also very windy, John took a photo of me trying to show how the wind was blowing!

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Missy is looking at one of the many puddles . The trees seemed to be dancing in the wind, but at least the sun was shining.

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These ponies were enjoyin the sun. The front one is one of last years foals and they are now nearly full grown. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 19, 2007

After the storm .Sunshine

Today we woke to sunshine, it is still very mild for January and it was a lovely day for walking. We went to Fritham and strolled along. We followed the gravel track to HollyHatch cottage and then we walked along the banks of Dockens water before climbing Hallickhole hill, where we saw some deer in the distance.As we walked back towards fritham we saw some more deer right by the path. They were soon chased off by some stray dogs who had run away from their owners on cycles.
After yesterdays winds and rain it was nice to see some blue sky and feel some sunshine.

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