Thursday, September 29, 2005

Early Autumn in the Forest

After a night of heavy rain and wind it is a beautiful sunny day and we decided to make the most of the sun and have a long walk at Fritham. The first signs of autumn are appearing as the bracken turns gold and dies back. A few leaves ar drifting down off the trees but most are still green. We saw some deer running in the woods but it is a little early to hear the Bucks calling.


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Raffles is sitting in the hope that someone will give hima biscuit whilst Missy and Dora aren't looking.


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The ponies were grazing on the dying bracken

Dora in the woods Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sunshine and showers

After Missy had been to school this morning we decided to have a walk at Deadmans hill. When we left home the sky was blue and the sun was out but by the time we got to the carpark the skies had darkened. Fortunately we had an umbrella in the car!
The showers were heavy but very quickly over and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.
Last month the slopes at Deadmans hill were purple from the heather but now they are golden as the bracken dies down.
Missy and Dora had a good play but poor Dora was shattered by the time we went up the hill back to the car. Missy was still full of energy . Raffles just stays out of their rough games and saves his energy for sneaking biscuits.

A rainbow crosses the sky as the shower ends Posted by Picasa

After the shower a rainbow appears Posted by Picasa

The bracken is turning gold as it dies Posted by Picasa

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Monday, September 26, 2005

A Busy Weekend

On Saturday Missy returned to her Agility Classes. She had two new pieces of Equipment to learn, The A Frame and the SeeSaw! She also had some new friends to meet including a boy Flatcoat who was very smitten with her. Missy loves these classes and John has to work hard to keep up with her.
In the afternoon we started tidying the garden for winter and then took the dogs for a walk at Deadmans hill. The heather is no longer flowering and the floor is taking on a yellow hue as the bracken starts to die back. It is still very dry and there is very little water any where for Missy to swim in.
On Sunday we went to Whipsenade Zoo. John's Aunt and Uncle were celebrating 60 years of marriage at the Phoenix suite. We had a lovely time catching up with family and we also managed to see a little of the Zoo as well.

Cutting the cake Posted by Picasa

Celebrating Sidney and Dorothy's Diamond Wedding Posted by Picasa

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Baby White Rhino born June this year Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Slufters Pond has almost disappeared

Today Missy and Raffles were reunited with Dora in the forest. They haven't played together for a while and they were delighted to see each other. There has still been very little rainfall and Slufters pond is not much more than a big puddle now. It is not deep enough for the dogs to swim in, but they had a little paddle. We saw a herd of deer in the heather but they were not near enough to get on camera. None of the dogs saw them ,they were too busy investigating other interesting smells and Missy and Dora had a good rough and tumble together.

A Forest pony at Slufters Posted by Picasa

Playing Follow The Leader Posted by Picasa

There is nowhere deep enough too swim now Posted by Picasa

The pond has shrunk! Posted by Picasa