Friday, June 30, 2006

Things are looking up in the Close.

This post is for Kayt and Dave in Australia. Its prom night and soe very pretty young ladies are travelling in style.

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Slufters Pond was pretty crowded this afternoon.

Its very warm today and expected to be a hot weekend. We walked at Slufters Pond, there were a lot of ponies about when we left the cars and son they all followed us down to the after group appeared over the hill and soon it waspretty crowded. they were still coming and going when we went back an hour later. We had a very pleasnt walk stopping for a while to rest under a shady tree.

This little foal was having a snooze Posted by Picasa

Loves young dream. Posted by Picasa

The ponies all wanted to go to the pond as well Posted by Picasa

Raffles resting under the tree. Posted by Picasa

Missy found a ball when we went down to the pond nd she still had it 90 mins later when we went back to the pond. Posted by Picasa

Dora telling us to get up from under the shady tree. Posted by Picasa

Still more Ponies Posted by Picasa

More Ponies arriving at the pond. Posted by Picasa

The little foal is nearly swimming here. Posted by Picasa

Little foal keeping close to mum. Posted by Picasa

Another group Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday is school day.

On Wednesdays Raffles and Missy go to school.
Recently a challenge was issued on one of the Flickr groups to get your dog to retrieve an unusual object.
Missy retrieved a duster but Raffles wasn't interested but today we took the duster and the brush to school because Raffles is a good boy at school he retrieved both proudly.
The photos are not brilliant but he wanted to share them with you :o)

retrieving the duster Posted by Picasa

Holding the duster, while young Ollie looks on! Posted by Picasa

Sitting holding the Brush Posted by Picasa

Raffles proudly retrieves the brush Posted by Picasa

Raffles retrieving a brush at school Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

Its raining!

its been raining most of the day...maybe I should do some housework!
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Walking from Canadian Cross

After a beautiful sunny day yesterday, today is cool and overcast. We took the dogs for a Walk at Canadian Cross.. We went down through the enclosure and then followed Highland Water for a short way, before coming up to the pond. After Missy had a swim we went back into the enclosure where there is a very swampy pond. Whilst John walked on with the dogs i slipped down to see the water lilies before we returned to the car.

Raffles Running  Posted by Picasa

between Canadian Cross and Andrews mare Posted by Picasa

Wild Honeysuckle is flowering now Posted by Picasa

Missy playin in the pond at Canadian cross Posted by Picasa

When you need to shake you just have to shake even if you are still in the water, Posted by Picasa