Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A walk in a snowstorm.

We drove up into the forest today in sunshine , but as we got into the forest it started to snow! It was a blizzard by the time we got to Canadian Cross the snow was falling so fast and settling. The world turned white, we could hardly see anything the clouds had come in so quick. For a back half an hour we enjoyed walking in the snow. It was so pretty. Of course my camera was at home! My the time we got home again the sun was shining and not a snow flake was to be seen! (Photo of Raffles a couple of years ago when e had snow)
Raffles in the snow. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Some of My Favourite Photos

Some of My Favourites
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A collage made with Flickr Toys of some of my favourite photos.

In my garden

Its bitterly cold again today and it was grey and overcast when we walked the dogs. I took a walk around the garden and found some colour. The snowdrops have nearly finished flowering but I got a shot showing the beautiful detail of these small flowers. I also found Primula sn crocus and hidden in a corner one small perfect little Iris.

Crocus Posted by Picasa

Snowdrop Posted by Picasa

Viburnam Posted by Picasa

Minature iris Posted by Picasa

Primula Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blue Skies over the forest.

After snow on thursday and a cold windy grey day on friday, the skies were clear and blue today. There was still a cold wind but also warm sunshine. Our morning walk took place at Busketts. Missy had a great time chasing her ball whilst Raffles look pleadingly for biscuits.
I like to look at the trees as they stretch their bare branches up to the sky.
I really like the graceful silver birches,with their slender branches and silver bark they look so pretty even without their leaves.

Oak at Busketts. Posted by Picasa

Raffles Posted by Picasa

Silver Birches at Bartley Cricket Pitch Posted by Picasa

Missy waits for someoe to throw her ball! Posted by Picasa

Afternoon walk from Puttles bridge.

This afternoon we started our walk at Puttles Bridge. From here it is a very pleasant walk along the banks of Ober Water. In Summer it is very crowded as there is a marked walk from here and the gravel path makes for easy walking. Today it is was quiet and peaceful. Although there was a cold wind the sun was shining and we really enjoyed walking somewhere we so rarely come. The dogs loved playing in the stream. We decided we should come here more often before the tourist arrive.

Ober Water Posted by Picasa

Missy had fun Posted by Picasa

Ober Water at Puttles bridge  Posted by Picasa

John is camera shy Posted by Picasa

Raffles watches in case John falls in Posted by Picasa

Log jam at Ober Water Posted by Picasa

Ober water Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sleety snow!

Today we have sleety snow in the forest.......It isn't going to settle. We do not get a lot of snow that settles .......I looked back in my photos and the last snow that settles was two years ago when Missy was a puppy.
I posted a couple of pics for you.

Snow in the forest. feb2004 Posted by Picasa

Missy and the snow February 2004 Posted by Picasa

Missy and Raffles feb2004 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The village of Avebury in Wiltshire has given its name to another of the great stone circles in the United Kingdom. The village is located a few miles away from the Ridgeway and in close proximity to Silbury Hill and many other ancient places. It is only a few miles from The best known of Britains stone circles , Stonehenge.
Avebury is more than a stone circle, with a rampart, a ditch and two avenues. .
Mostly dating to around 2,600-2,500 B.C., Avebury covers approximately 28 acres comprises a huge circular earthwork ditch, originally about 30 feet deep, and bank about a quarter of a mile in diameter which encloses an outer circle of standing stones. The public can still walk among the stones here, and the day we visited a flock of sheep were grazing.

Avebury Manor belonging to the National Trust is also open to the public.

The Village has a fine parish church and some lovely cottages.

The Red Lion , the thatched pub serves excellent food and is a good place to start or end your visit.

Parish Church at Avebury. Posted by Picasa

Interior Parish Church Posted by Picasa

The old schoolhouse Avebury Posted by Picasa

A thatched cottage Avebury Posted by Picasa

Avebury manor Posted by Picasa