Saturday, September 30, 2006

A feast of Fungi

After a couple of days of heavy rain the forest floor is covered in fungi. Here are a few we saw today. I hope I have identified them properly. Many species are very similar and it is easy to confuse the edible with the poisonous. During the autumn many people come to the forest for the fungi. The Forest byelaws allow you to pick for your own use but sadly many fungi collect high prices in restaurants and it is not unusual to see teams of people, especially from the contintent going out and stripping the woods bare. Saddest of all is to arrive in the carparks and find discarded fungi all around. In parts of europe the older folk know their fungi well and often you will find an elderly gentleman sitting in the car waiting for his team of young collectors to come back and he then he sorts through discarding the non edible ones.

A fungal foray Posted by Picasa

Boletus edulis Penny Bun Posted by Picasa

Flowers of tan Posted by Picasa

Slimy beechcaps Posted by Picasa

death cap (Amanita phalloides) Posted by Picasa

Trametes vesicolor in America these are called Turkey tails. Posted by Picasa

cortinarius varius Posted by Picasa

Xerocomus badius bay bolete Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 29, 2006

Rain Rain Rain

It was very wet on our early morning walk with Karen and Taivas at Fritham this morning. It was drizzling when we left the car at 8am but with i a few minutes the rain got much heavier and we were soon soaked! There was no one else around and so Missy, who is in season was able to play off lead for a little bit. We walked pass some deer sheltering in the trees and neither dog noticed. We were very close but it was raining so heavily we were unable to get a photo. Later as we walked through the woods a large herd with several big stags ran across the path but this time they were too far away for photos. Soon the Deer will start the rut and we will hear their barking as we walk. At times the rain did ease and we were able to get a few photos. We were very wet when we got back to the car but we had enjoyed our walk, it was time to go home and get a shower before changing into dry clothes. For a short while the sun shone but now it is raining again.

It looks a little brighter over there! Fritham. Posted by Picasa

This fungus looks a bit battered. Posted by Picasa

Taivas is making mud pies. Posted by Picasa

Cortinarius varius is apparently very edible. it was very shiny. Posted by Picasa

Missy is not amused by Taivas's antics. Posted by Picasa

Miss Taivas Posted by Picasa

Rain clouds at Fritham Posted by Picasa

Baby Moo is watching us Posted by Picasa

Mummy cow decides to see us off! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The sun continues to shine

It was another beautiful day in the forest. This morning we met some very big pigs in the forest foraging for acorns.At this time of year pigs roam the forest often with little piglets eating the acorns to reduce the number left for the ponies who can become very sick if they eat too many.
This afternoon we saw a sweet little calf as we walked . there is always something to see in the forest.

Its pannage season in the forest. Commoners are allowed to let the pigs out to eat the acorns. Eating too many green acorns can make the ponies very sick so each year between September and December pigs can be seen roaming the forest  Posted by Picasa

This is two toned wood tuft and is apparently edible.......Its real name is Kuehneromyces mutabilis.  Posted by Picasa

A young Calf is in the trees. Posted by Picasa

Missy finds a lost scrunchie Posted by Picasa

The view at Canadian Cross Posted by Picasa

The heather still has a little colour left although it is dying back. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006


This little lizard with a stunted tail was sunbathing on a forest gatepost this afternoon. Posted by Picasa

Basking in the sun

On a forest gatepost this little lizard (who seems to have lost a little of his tail) was sunbathing until we came past and disturbed him! Posted by Picasa