Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back to Roundhill and Beaulieu Heath

It was a beautiful Spring morning, for the First day of March. (St Davids Day)The sun was shining, the sky was blue and although the breezy was very strong , it was not too cold.. We were going to walk at Kings Hat , but when we arrived the path was closed off and there were signs warning of Forest Operations , so we decided to drive on and find another place. Because the forest is still so wet and muddy we came back to the closed campsite. Here we can walk on gravel paths and with a pond for the dogs to swim in and plenty of puddles , they are happy. We walked from the campsite over the heath until we reached an area set aside for model aircraft flying. None flying this morning though. The paths are the remains of the runways from when the area was used as an airfield in WW2 so you walk quite a distance on fairly straight paths , before finding another path intersecting it.
Soon the campsite will open for the summer and the dogs will not be allowed to run freely and play in the pond.
However it is a campsite that does allow dogs to stay as long as they are kept on leads and are confined to certain areas. Looking on the map there are several other carparks around and it would be possible to walk on the heath during the summer , avoiding the campsite so we may be back soon.

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