Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is here

Another beautiful day in the forest.We walked from Bratley View. it was a little windy in the carpark but once we got down in the valley we were sheltered and warmed by the sun. We decided to follow the little stream and we were able to walk all the way along it, occasionally swopping banks to avoid the boggy areas. it was a day for seeing the deer, at one point two little roe deer jumped across the stream in front of us and then shortly afterwards we disturbed a large herd of Fallow deer. As we came back up the hill annother herd of fallow deer shot out and circled round. We found lots of primroses on the banks of the stream although many were still in bud.We saw plenty of ponies , but no foals today, however it won't be long now before more are born and there will be plenty to see.

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abe-hap said...

do you get a bit scared when the deer run? - i suppose they run away from you, not at you wouldnt they? lovely shots of them skipping across the forest :)