Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bratley View and Mogshade Hill

Our walk this morning was not the peaceful stroll , that we intended it to be. it was a sunny day , but there was a cold wind. Shortly after we began our walk we saw these deer in the distance. A nice start but then naughty Miss taivas decided to disappear and we spent the rest of the time running up and down until we found her. Finally we were all reunited and we went across to the pond on Mogshade hill for the dog to cool down whilst we got our breath back.
This evening I had totake Missy to the Vet as her eye is playing up again. Fortunately the vet couldn't find much wrong , although it looks as if she may have scratched the eye, but hopefuly a few days drops and it will heal.
After a traumatic day i treated myself to a large cream Donut!