Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

It is a Long weekend as today and Monday are both public holidays. The weather is good and the Forest is busy, the campsites look as if hey were filling up as people take advantage of the good weather.
This morning we walked from The Canadian Cross and in the space of about 90 minutes we gave directions to four different groups as they tried to follow walks and cycle routes. We took a slightly different route today and found a hidden bridg over the stream . At the moment the forest is dry and we were able to walk wearing trainers.
On the way home we found our second foal of the year and stopped to take some photos. We also called in at Cadmans Pond to see wht the Geese were getting up too.
Late this afternoon we went for another walk at Culverley. This car park has been closed for several years but has now been reopened . We discovered another little bridge and on the trees nearby we found a very hard bracket fungus. It looked like stone and was very smooth on top.

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Beader Girl said...

Hi Mary! Those foal pictures are just too cute! How lucky you are to have such interesting walks. I love to see where you've been and wonder where you'll be next.