Saturday, April 28, 2007

A late Afternoon Walk and a Visit to Cadmans Pond

We are busy decorating this week , so just some quick posts. We went for a walk at Ocknell this evening. Plenty of little foals are beginning to appear and we saw three close together. The dogs enjoyed Bunny hunting and we also saw a small group of Fallow deer. Before coming home we stopped off at the pond . These cute little dcklings were sitting on the No Fishing sign that had been vandalised and thrown in the reeds. No goslings yet but plenty of honking!


abe-hap said...

Eeeeeeeee! how cute are the duckies! Mary can I steal the one of the duckies at cadman pond bobbing in the water as my screensaver today :)
good luck with the decorators on Monday.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Wish I could hold one of them in my hands :-)

Mo said...

Aw, ducklings are so cute - like little balls of fluff!