Sunday, April 22, 2007

A slightly Hazy Walk at Deadmans Hill

It is still very warm here in the South of England and it has been unseasonably dry with no rain at all in April.Walking at Deadmans Hill this morning we soon found it too warm for our jackets. Down in the valley we were sheltered from the wind , we could see the heat haze shimmering on the slopes. The Sunny weather has brought the Gorse out in full flower and when the sun shines on it , the air all around has a pleasant smell of coconut. There is still a little water in the streams and the dogs were glad to have a refreshing dip. This little woolly coated calf did not seem to hot , but he was grazing by the stream. There are some lovely views over the valley here and although some of the heather had been burnt off and looked a little bleak , the cheerful gorse gave a lot of colour to the scenery.

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Mo said...

Lovely photos as usual Mary. I'm a regular reader of your blog though I don't think I've left a comment before. Funnily enough we both posted photos of cows today!