Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still warm and dry

The weather has continued warm and dry , but the skies have been rather cloudy. We walked at Pigbush this morning and had several sightings of an egret, although not close enough to get a good photo. they are very pretty birds. The forest seemed very quiet this morning with hardly anybody about although the campsites still sem to be busy and the schools are still on holiday.
The spring flowers are appearing and we saw some nice clumps of violets by the stream. The trees are beginnin to show signs of greening up as the leaf buds appear and it won't be long before the woods are green and shady.


abe-hap said...

weve had lovely warm weather the past 2 days, although we then get the odd really cold day & night - typical Autumn weather - cant decide wether to be hot or cold *lol* ;)

Bentley. said...

I see they know how to log on, but not log off.