Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunny Saturday

The mild dry weather continues and today there was more sun. This morning we walked at Pigbush. There were a lot of ponies around and they were running around as the Stallions were claiming their mares. The Stallions are taken off the forest in the autumn,and only a limited number are put back each spring. They are given new areas to help prevent too much inbreeding that weakens the breed. As soon as the foals are born the mares come into season and are ready for mating for next years foals.
Plenty of little stonechats were flying from tree to tree chattering all the time, and I actually managed to get a half decent photo of one. They are small birds and I do not have a really good telephoto on my little camera so i was pleased to get it.
On the way home we stopped at Yew Tree Heath where a little foal was grazing with his Mum..


abe-hap said...

lovely pics from your walks - that foal has lovely colouring. :)

Beader Girl said...

Your pony pictures are enchanting, Mary, especially the ones of the foal. Do these ponies just run wild, then, where you walk?