Sunday, April 15, 2007

Todays Foal

here is todays foal seen at South Bentley. We walked down through the Inclosure and along the little stream known as Dockens water. The wood anenomes are flowering now and I also found some Marsh Marigolds in the stream.It has been a beautiful day and when we got home we treated ourselves to an ice cream (The ice cream van parks across our drive whilst he is serving customers and when ever we buy an Icecream he always gives us two small ones for the dogs. So we had happy dogs!

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abe-hap said...

yay ice cream - i had a spider last night ;) you know vanilla ice cream and coke in a tall glass - yummy! we call the ice cream van Mr Whippy here in Aus, and he plays his music and you hear the sound and yell out Mr Whippys coming!!! *lol*