Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Buchart gardens
Little Niagra Goldstream park

One of the Exhibits in the BC Museum

Government House Victoria


abe-hap said...

the garden looks like a lovely tranquill place to visist the coloursare so vibrant and pretty. Love the one of you and John psing in the mural *lol* i had to look close to spot you in there :)

abe-hap said...

that should have said posing - not psing *ha ha ha*

Sonia said...

Just gorgeous Buchart gardens!
Beautiful photos, Mary!

Anonymous said...

After seeing these beautiful photos Mary - I give you the award of "Best Holiday Photos" on the blogs. Looking forward to the new ones from this year. Cheers.

Mary said...

I will hang the award in a place of honour :o) I hope i got al l the place names right!