Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cup Final Saturday

John is looking forward to watching the Cup Final this afternoon. Finally after 7 years the new Wembley Stadium is being officially opened before the game starts. We took the dogs to Cadman's pond late this morning and had a long walk, starting and ending at the pond. There are so many little foals in the Forest now and we passed several, sleeping, grazing and frolicking by Dockens Water. Recent rain has set the stream flowing again and the grass on the banks is green and lush looking.Even the dogs enjoy eating it.
At the pond we saw several groups of ducklings, but they are growing fast and beginning to look like little adults. We couldn't see any sign of goslings yet , but the geese were honking noisily. We will keep checking and hopefully we will see them soon.

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Jan said...

Cup final turned into a bit of a yawn-fest didn't it? Still, the right team won in the end!