Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Its Windy

It was very breezy this morning. We went to the High Corner Inn to start our walk. It is a very short walk from here to Broomy Inclosure. This is one of the few places in the forest where the Bluebells are prolific and can be photographed. They smelt heavenly and the sun came out long enough for a few photos. The trees are at their best now, dressed in their fresh green leaves. We then left the Inclosure and walked along the banks of Dockens Water, before returning to the Inn. On our way home we stopped off at Cadman's Pond to see the ducks. Still no sign of any goslings, but we will keep checking.


abe~hap said...

hi guys so good to see what youve been up too, still no internet or phone which is abit of a bummer - hopefully by the end of next week. im currently atthe library writing to you ;) well will update my site when everything is sorted take care.

Karen said...

The bluebells were lovely, such a gorgeous blue.