Thursday, May 10, 2007

The last few days have been much colder and we have had a lot of drizzly rain. This morning we walked at Shatterford and the rain did not start until we were back at the car. The area around here is very boggy and there are numerous little bridges crossing the swampy areas. We saw some beautiful marsh marigolds, lots of cotton grass and hawthorne blossom on the trees.
When we crossed over one area of bog Taivas managed to get herself marooned on an island and was very reluctant to get wet to eturn to us , finally she gave a big leap and landed splat in the bog. I did not get a photo as i was laughing so much!
Just as we got back to the carpark we came across this sweet little foal on very wobbly long legs! We did not stay admiring her for long as we didn't want to disturb her and it was just starting to rain.


Jan said...

Just discovered your blog through the link on Ocean and Forest Walks, will enjoy looking at it regularly from now on. We used to have a Golden Retriever called Raffles, he was a superb dog, a real gent.

Mary said...

Jan, before we had the flatcoats we had two golden retrievers.