Sunday, May 27, 2007

St Michael and All Angels Lyndhurst

St Michael and All Angels is the Parish church of Lyndhurst.It was commissioned by Mr and Mrs Hargreaves and was built between 1858-70. it was designed by William White
Mrs Hargreaves was Alice Liddell the inspiration for Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, she spent most of her adult life in and around Lyndhurst.
The present Church is the third on the site, which is a prehistoric man made mound.
The Church is richly decorated in the Victorian style and reflects the popularity of Lyndhurst at this time. The Pre-Raphaelitess are well represented with windows by Burne Jones, Rossetti and William Morris


Pete said...

for some reason i dislike this churches external appearance. I think its the brick. looks wrong on a church. internally its a corker isn't it

Mary said...

I think maybe it is the fact that it is on a mound and its very hard to get a good view of it close up..It looks much better if you view it from Bolton's bench.
Its a real treasure house inside.