Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sun at Kings hat

At eight o Clock this morning the sun was shining, and the wind had dropped so we had a very pleasant walk at Kings Hat.
This little stream is usually just a small trickle in summer and you can step across it waring trainers, without getting your feet wet. The rain over the weekend has been so heavy and constant. today it was almost over our boots.
The Beaulieu river was topped right up and we could see that it had burst its banks over the weekend, but was now receding. At least we shouldn't have hosepipe bans this summer.


Jan said...

Looks lovely there. Don't bank on the no hosepipe ban!

Karen said...

It was lovely there yesterday.

Britt-Arnhild said...

So much water!
We are having such nice weather here now. I am travelling north tomorrow, to the land of the midnight sun :-)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks lovely and green from the rains Mary. We are only allowed to water lawns twice a week here even though we have lots of water! You sure have a lot of great areas for walking the dogs near to where you live - looks so nice. It is great to see the rural areas you show that no one else is photoing for us to see.