Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Sun Shone again

When we left home this morning it was very misty. As we drove down to Fritham carpark we met a group of Shetland Ponies in the road and they had a couple of foals with them. Shetlands are so small and the foals are so cute.
We decided to go down to Dockens Water and see if the Iris's were blooming and we were lucky to see several clumps. On the way to the stream we passed some beautiful spiders webs. At this stage it was still very misty and I wasn't sure if they would show up in the photos. By the time we reached the stream the mist was burning off and it was a very warm morning. We saw some deer in the distance as we strolled back up the hill towards the car park.
As it was still early we decided to have a detour to Cadman's pond on the way home. When we arrived we were the only car there and all the ducks and geese were disappointed because we hadn't brought them any food. However another car soon came with some people willing to feed them and we took lots of photos. The little ducks are almost fully grown and now look like the adult females. As yet there are still no goslings and I am wondering if there will be any this year.

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abe-hap said...

Beautiful pics Mary, have a great weekend - will catch up with you on Monday!