Thursday, June 07, 2007

Early Morning at Fritham

We walked at Fritham this morning. The sun came out and then went behind the clouds and for a while we thought it might rain, but after a while the sun appeared again.We were hoping to see some deer and for a while we were disappointed but then up on the slope we saw a herd watching us and we were able to observe them for quite a while before they finally skipped off.
After the deer had gone we looked down at the ground and saw a large clump of Orchids , so we took some more photos
Before we went home we decided to have a quick look at Cadman's pond.......still no goslings and I really do not think there will be any now. There was a new family of ducks, very young and not coming too close to the bank.We also saw a couple of moorhen chicks scooting over the water.


canary said...

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Pete said...

is Fritham the place with the Mandarin Ducks? I'll be there in July !

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Mandarin Ducks are sometimes seen at Eyeworth Pond , which is just down the lane from Fritham
I didn't see any there last week but i did see a scruffy unidentified whitish duck.(see post Bits and Bobs June Ist)

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy your blog, when i need a lift to my spirit i always open your blog, from your prose to your beautiful pictures they make me feel whole
thank you

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful foxglove.