Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Morning at Busketts

The heavy rain that was forecast for today, still hasn't arrived, it is just beginning to drizzle as I type. The sun was shining through the trees down by the stream this morning and I thought it made for some interesting photos.
As I walked through the grass on the way back ,I looked down and saw masses of very tiny flowers,only a few mm in diameter, I managed to take a photo of them . So small but so very pretty I think they are Bog Pimpernel.
Blogger is playing silly games at the moment , it is taking ages for photos to upload and then many people are finding they can't see appears to me a problem between Blooger and Internet Explorer and is affecting a lot of blogs......however if you have firefox you can see them no problem. However hopefully Blogger will fix it soon


Jan said...

I can only see the ponies now, not the flowers. Before that, the whole page was blank! When I just loaded my photos, it said they were loading then I got an error message saying please try later and to report what you were doing when you got this. That's all well and good but whats the point of registering and posting on their forums? Makes me everso cross! This has only happened recently, it used to be like this before they changed to the new format blogger. I was going to change to Yahoo to do my blog then because I was so fed up with them.

Mo said...

I can see your photos and I'm using Explorer 7. Seems to be fixed. Just catching up with your blog.