Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Libertys Raptor and Reptile Centre

Karen and I went to Libertys Raptor and Reptile Centre today. We were able to get some good photos of the Owls, Eagles and other birds of prey as well as watching some demonstration flights.
Blogger is being incredibly slow at the moment so I will post some more photos over the next few days.


Jan said...

Hi Mary, yes I'm having trouble with your blog loading, and I'm on 8meg broadband! Sometimes your photos arent appearing at all, just a blank box, and I have to right click the blank to view them, and sometimes only half of them are showing for some strange reason. Not having this problem on other blogs though. Wonder what your problem is? Anyway, looking forward to seeing the birds when you can get it to work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary - I had no problem with the blog loading at all just now so I will try it again and see. My blog doesn't load because I have too many pictures and shows. I love the owl pictures and can't wait to see the rest of them. We found a little barred owl today on our walk and he flew over beside us and looked curiously at us!!

Jan said...

I just came back to say that on this one page alone, the blogs for today, down to May 26th, over half the photos aren't showing, just a large blank area.

Mo said...

It must have been great to get such close up views of the owls and birds of prey. Great photos. We visited a falconry centre in Huntly (NE Scotland) last summer and it was wonderful. I had a Harris Hawk land on my head and held a barn owl.

Everything seems to be loading fine now