Friday, June 01, 2007

Some Bits and Bobs from Today

This pretty little foal was right by the road at Janesmoor.

This looks like a very young stallion, he was smaller than the mares and looked as if he was a yearling. However he was certainly doing his best to please the mares!

Cows taking a drink In Janesmoor Pond

I don't know what sort of ducks these are , not even sure if it is a Mr and Mrs!

Scruffy duck, I wonder what it is ?

Moor hen at Eyeworth Pond and below a Heath Spotted Orchid


jason said...

I can tell you the lighter (whiter?) duck is a male. You can tell that by the curled tail feathers. But what species? Very good question!

abe-hap said...

that scruffy duck looks rather old doesnt it? Mary I found this link for you it contains most of the species that occur in the UK, with the exception of a few vagrant species and has pictures - just click on the top left hand side where it says by name then pick a letter - hope it helps!

Mary said...

Thanks for the info and the link. Now I think we have two male ducks but I still can't find a positive identification. One is too white and the other appears too dark to match anything.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am always amazed by all the beautifil wildlife you show us.

Pete said...

they look like Mallards that have a lot of domestic duck in them