Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer has returned

It has been a beautiful day. This morning we walked at Kings Hat. The carpark was busy as people got out their chairs and picnic paraphernalia, but once we had crossed the Beaulieu River we had the forest almost to ourselves. There was a gentle breeze to cool us down a little and the rays of the sun to keep us warm. After we had been up the hill along and down we tried to follow the River, watching the dragonflies and damsel flies, but in the trees where it was cool and green and shady it was also very boggy. The heavy rain in May had made the little streams that run into the river difficult to cross and because we weren't wearing boots we had to make several detours.
There are so many different wild flowers in bloom now, we are so lucky to have so much variety here in th Forest.
I put a few we saw today in the previous post and then some shots from our walk before that , blogger was playing up here and I wasn't able to label them!

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abe-hap said...

looks like you will be having a lovely summer this year - you will have to keep me warm with all you summer pics Mary :)