Saturday, June 02, 2007

Walking from Cadmans Pond again

We walked from Cadman's Pond again today. There are no sign of any goslings and now I do not think there will be any this year. There were none at Eyeworth Pond yesterday either, maybe it is not a good year for Goslings here in the Forest.
The dogs did disturb a female Mallard down on Dockens water and she flew off low over the water to attract their attention, but I noticed she quickly returned to the same place once we had walked by, so maybe she had a nest or some young ducklings nearby.
There were lots of dragonflies and damselflies down by the water and we spent a long time trying to catch one with the camera. There were also a whole group of wagtails flying low over the water, so we had a lot of entertainment this morning.
On our way back up through the woods we found some foxgloves. Like the orchids they have such beautiful markings.

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