Monday, July 30, 2007

All things that fly!

This morning I spent a while watching the damselflies down by the stream whilst th dogs had a paddle. This afternoon Karen and I went down to The Lower Test Nature Reserve.
Firstly we saw a Cormorant and then some little egrets. There were also lots of lapwings around and a few green sandpipers. At one point a Kingfisher darted across. Oh and I mustn't forget the heron in a distant field.
There were also lots of dragonflies flitting about. After spending about an hour in the hide and screen areas we decided to go for a walk. We saw several butterflies and the sun was shining. We thought we could do a circular walk and we did , it was just rather longer than we thought and we ended up walking along the main road from Redbridge back to Totton.

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Mo said...

I love peewits. They're so beautiful up close. Hope you're enjoying the sun.