Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blue Skies over the forest.

Today was such a beautiful day after weeks of cold wet weather. Unfortunately blogger is playing up and I am having trouble uploading the photos. I think a few have uploaded using picassa
We had two walks in the forest one at telegraph and one at Mogshade Hill. John finally managed to cut the grass in the was getting to look like a jungle out there.
Well the photos appear to be showing in Firefox, but I have heard that some people are having trouble seeing them in IE. I guess blogger will eventually sort this problem out.

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NFComMedia said...

I think a lot of IE users haven't yet upgraded to the latest version (v7) which now reads RSS feeds in a very similar way to Firefox. Hope that helps!

I love your photography by the way and have been lead to your blog a couple of times by Google now.

Perhaps we could reciprocate links if we add your blog to a special section on our site?

Cat Lake

Managing Editor