Monday, July 16, 2007

Braxton Gardens

The weather forecast for this week was for rain , rain and more rain. At lunch time the sun was shining and Karen phoned and suggested we went to see Apple Court gardens. It seemed like a good idea so off we set. Well we found the gardens, but they only open on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. So it was time to put plan B into action. Braxton gardens are two small gardens laid out beside the Victorian red barns of an original farmyard. We spent sometime photographing the flowers and watching the bees. These gardens are free to enter and there is a small farm shop selling organic produce and a little cafe serving cream teas. it was still early so we resisted the temptation and decided to drive on to Keyhaven where we took the ferry to Hurst Castle I will post some photos tomorrow.


abe-hap said...

Mary, Do you know what this pretty blue flower/plant is called?

abe-hap said...

p.s forgot to say love the huge Mr Doobee ;)

Mary said...

i Think the blue flower is a globe thistle and the bumble bees were so busy collecting pollen they didn't even notice the camera!