Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Down at Hatchetts Pond

After our walk this morning we drove down to Hatchetts Pond to see how the cygnets were doing. They are much bigger now and beginning to look more like juvenile swans, however they still haven't developed wings . It was very windy and the pond was choppy, but it didn't seem to be bothering the Swans and Ducks. We found one female Mallard happily swimming in a puddle by the side of the pond.
We stayed for quite a while hopping in the car when the showers came along.
Before we came home we treated ourselves to Stem ginger New Forest Ice cream...Yummy!


Karen said...

Some photos still not loading - this cygnet one, the one of me crossing the stream and the one next to it.

Mo said...

Good to see the cygnets doing so well and that there are still so many of them.