Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is this Summer?

Well today at 7.30 it wasn't raining, it was very dull and very windy but dry. We decided to walk early as the weather forecast was for more rain. can there be any rain left to fall? We went to Deerleap and walked down to the river, where the dogs had fun playing in the water. The wind continued to blow and even with my big raincoat on it wasn't particularly warm.
When I got home th heavens opened and the house was so dark. Now the sun is shining for a little while but with temperatures in the low 60s it must be one of the coldest summers for many many years!


Anna said...

Where's my sunshine! hahah. Nice blog :)

I've been lucky, the two days of summer so far have been amazing for me!

Jan said...

It's been quite warm here this afternoon, but I still needed my jacket on to walk Emma, the wind was so strong. I feel sorry for people who have brought their kids on holiday hoping to spend time on the beach. Pray for a fine August.

Elaine said...

I feel for you, Mary! That much rain would try anyone's patience. Love the photo of the cows who look like they're pretty ticked with the weather, too.
Good post.