Sunday, July 22, 2007

So much Mud in the Forest!

Missy Investigates a puddle at Milly Ford

Rushing water at Millyford

Missy and Raffles at Busketts

Muddy footpath and pony at busketts

Coming home from this morning walk.

Well the unpredicatable summer weather continues. Yesterday we left home in sunshine , but within minutes we were drenched! Today we have threatening skies again. meanwhile just up the road , tractors are pulling cars out of the fields where the steam rally is taking place. The road is covered in mud. But I expect some rain will sooncome and wash it away.


Elaine said...

Hi Mary
I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about all the rain in Britain. Lots of problems for some. Hope you are fine.

Jan said...

We've had torrential rain here again all morning too, but hey, we have now had just over three hours without any, and the sun came out for two of those! I'm having to stick to taking Emma round the local park for a while I think, which is tarmac. I'm sick of sludging around in mud. I did a nice slide down the garden just now, putting the peanut feeder up on the pole, managed to stop going down on my backside though