Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The sun was shining on and off.

We walked this morning at Pigbush. When we started t was sunny and then it drizzled and then the sun came out again! We enjoyed our walk and the dogs had a play in the water before we drove on to Hatchetts pond to see how the cygnets were doing. All seven are doing well and getting bigger. They were sitting in the carpark when we first arrived and were difficult to photograph so we went and got ourselves ice cream! New Forest ice cream with stem ginger my favourite! The swans were still in the car park when we returned and having a bit of a hiss when karen tried to get out the car!As it started to rain they all got up and swam off!


Pete said...

i am expecting you to keep me informed of the Swannies progress

Anonymous said...

Great, fantastic blog post