Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Weather Remains Unsettled

We started our walk this morning in beautiful sunshine and it was pleasant splashing through the puddles, but soon the clouds rolled in and it became humid and muggy. We did see a small herd of fallow deer watching us but the ground was far too marshy to try and get nearer. My the time we were back up the hill and on our way to the car park it was raining again. There is certainly no shortage of water this year.
Missy and raffles had a treat this afternoon, we bought them ice cream to celebrate Raffles Birthday. Look how attentive they are as they wait to gobble it up!


Jan said...

Same weather here as well. Really becoming a pain now, we were supposed to have a shower at around 9pm tonight, and then no more rain is forecast for here until next Friday! Ho ho ho.

Ocean said...

I am sorry - I rushed here to get back to see this picture - did not even read the blog yet. I just love this picture of the two dogs and wonder how you do it?? You have incredible dog pictures -- just like a painting.

Mary said...

With someone holding ice cream it is easy to get pictures of them they have eyes only for the ice cream :o)