Saturday, August 04, 2007

Evening sunshine at Ocknell

A foal enjoys the Evening Sun at Ocknell. it was still pleasantly warm at 7pm when we walked.
Raffles enjoyed himself chasing bunnies, he will never learn that when he spots them in the distance , he is never going to catch them , but he enjoys the execise. here he is cooling down in the remains of ocknell pond.

This little calf looks a bit worried, maybe he has been reading the news!


abe-hap said...

isnt it great how in summertime the sun is still up till late in the evenings :)

whats the cow been reading in the news?

love the colour of the sky in the forest it looks almost aqua :)

Mary said...

There has been a reported outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in England. if it should spread it will be very difficult for the small farmers in the Forest