Monday, August 13, 2007

From Beaulieu to Bucklers Hard

This morning the sun was shining. Missy has slashed her paw so she can't have a long walk. So after giving the dogs a short walk, Karen and I decided to go to Beaulieu and walk through the North Solent Nature reserve to Bucklers hard.
It was a very pleasant walk , but not very good for photographs. We saw plenty of Dragonflies but they were darting about to much. There were several Egrets on the river but they were too far away to get good pictures.
We did sneak into the Village of Bucklers Hard and get a few shots. They charge nearly £6 if you go in the top entrance and if you have been in the museum, it is a lot to pay just to walk up the street.
According to the sign post it is only a 2 mile walk, but it seemed more. before setting back we had to have some ice cream to sustain us!

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Jan said...

Aww, poor Missy, hope it heals quickly. Looks lovely there.