Thursday, August 09, 2007

Magdalene Hill Down Nature Reserve

Magdalen Hill Down Nature Reserve is just outside of Winchester.Half is unimproved chalk grassland , rich in wildflowers. Over 400 moth species and 30 butterfly species have been found there. The other half was intensively farmed for over 50 years. In 1997 it was seeded with local wild flowers and gradually the chemical residues are declining and the area is being colonized by local butterflies and moths.The area is managed by Butterfly Conservation
it was a warm sunny day and our original plan was to visit the site and then go into Winchester, but we spent so long photographing the Butterflies and wild flowers that we only managed a short stop at Alresford on our way home.
(will blog the flowers tomorrow)

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abe-hap said...

i love the painted lady, the chalk blue & peacock butterflies :) their colourings are so pretty!

i wonder if any breeds of butterflies that you get in england if we get them here? do you think there may have been some types that came over with the explorers & convicts?