Friday, September 12, 2008

Dorset Heavy Horse Centre

This is Henry one of the Heavy Horses at the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre. We spent a few hours here today dodging the heavy showers. The centre is quite small but has a variety of animals besides the heavy horses . Many of the horses have been rescued and all are well cared for. We had a short wagon ride and then wandered around the various pens making friends with the animals. In the afternoon they gave a short talk about the horses and also a little bit about the Gypsy Vardos (Caravans) that they restore here. We left just before it starte to rain yet again.
It was good to get out and take the camera. Summer has still not arrived in the UK and it really has been a wet and dismal season.


Pilgrims Progress said...

Like the layout of your site. We are into Heavy Horses too.

Pete said...

he's a looker is Henry!

Anonymous said...

Well cared for? Not if they had to pull you around all afternoon. And I bet they did not get any of those apples.

The Dobbin Trust.