Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dragonsand Damsels

With the recent wam weather , the dragons and damsels have been waking up. This is a male Beautiful Demoiselle. They really glitter in the sunshine and are so pretty as they fly along the streams.
This is a Broad bodied chaser and they are often found flying over forest ponds.
This Fourspotted chaser was newly emerged and drying his wings he was quite happy to sit on karens finger and pose.
here a pair of large red damselflies are mating.
It is rare to see an adder in the wild as they usually slither away before you see them. This one had been basking on the path and we disturbed him. We had some friends paying a brief visit from Canada and Paige heard the hiss , looked down and there he was. Having decided we weren't really a threat or something tasty to eat he posed for the cameras before slithering away.

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Evil Pixie said...

Fantastic images! Well done, though I have to admit the adder shot is a brave one to take.